drupal 7.x的系统更新

从drupal 6.x到drupal 7.x的系统更新,包括drupal7 cms系统中drupal函数名称,drupal函数位置,drupal函数描述的内容。

名称 位置 描述
comment_update_7000 modules/comment/comment.install Remove comment settings for page ordering.
comment_update_7001 modules/comment/comment.install Change comment status from published being 0 to being 1
comment_update_7002 modules/comment/comment.install Rename {comments} table to {comment}.
comment_update_7003 modules/comment/comment.install Improve indexes on the comment table.
comment_update_7004 modules/comment/comment.install Rename comment display setting variables.
comment_update_7005 modules/comment/comment.install Create comment Field API bundles.
comment_update_7006 modules/comment/comment.install Create user related indexes.
comment_update_7007 modules/comment/comment.install Split {comment}.timestamp into {comment}.created and {comment}.changed.
comment_update_7008 modules/comment/comment.install Add language column to the {comment} table.
comment_update_7009 modules/comment/comment.install Update preview setting variable to use new constants
comment_update_7010 modules/comment/comment.install Add {node_comment_statistics}.cid column.
comment_update_7011 modules/comment/comment.install Add an index to node_comment_statistics on comment_count.
comment_update_7012 modules/comment/comment.install Create the comment_body field.
comment_update_7013 modules/comment/comment.install Migrate data from the comment field to field storage.
contact_update_7000 modules/contact/contact.install Rename the threshold limit variable.
contact_update_7001 modules/contact/contact.install Rename the administer contact forms permission.
contact_update_7002 modules/contact/contact.install Enable the 'access user contact forms' for registered users by default.
dblog_update_7001 modules/dblog/dblog.install Allow NULL values for links.
dblog_update_7002 modules/dblog/dblog.install Add index on uid.
dblog_update_7003 modules/dblog/dblog.install Allow longer type values.
filter_update_7000 modules/filter/filter.install Add a weight column to the filter formats table.
filter_update_7001 modules/filter/filter.install Break out "escape HTML filter" option to its own filter.
filter_update_7002 modules/filter/filter.install Rename {filters} table to {filter} and {filter_formats} table to {filter_format}.
filter_update_7003 modules/filter/filter.install Remove hardcoded numeric deltas from all filters in core.
filter_update_7004 modules/filter/filter.install Move filter settings storage into {filter} table.
filter_update_7005 modules/filter/filter.install Integrate text formats with the user permissions system.
filter_update_7006 modules/filter/filter.install Remove the 'format' column from 'list' index on {filter}.
locale_update_7000 modules/locale/locale.install Add context field index and allow longer location.
locale_update_7001 modules/locale/locale.install Upgrade language negotiation settings.
node_update_7000 modules/node/node.install Fix node type 'module' attribute to avoid name-space conflicts.
node_update_7001 modules/node/node.install Rename {node_revisions} table to {node_revision}.
node_update_7002 modules/node/node.install Extend the node_promote_status index to include all fields required for the node page query.
node_update_7003 modules/node/node.install Remove the node_counter if the statistics module is uninstalled.
node_update_7004 modules/node/node.install Extend the existing default preview and teaser settings to all node types.
node_update_7005 modules/node/node.install Add status/comment/promote and sticky columns to the {node_revision} table.
node_update_7006 modules/node/node.install Convert body and teaser from node properties to fields, and migrate status/comment/promote and sticky columns to the {node_revision} table.
node_update_7007 modules/node/node.install Remove column min_word_count.
node_update_7008 modules/node/node.install Split the 'administer nodes' permission from 'access content overview'.
node_update_7009 modules/node/node.install Convert node languages from the empty string to LANGUAGE_NONE.
system_update_7000 modules/system/system.install Rename blog and forum permissions to be consistent with other content types.
system_update_7001 modules/system/system.install Generate a cron key and save it in the variables table.
system_update_7002 modules/system/system.install Add a table to store blocked IP addresses.
system_update_7003 modules/system/system.install Update {blocked_ips} with valid IP addresses from {access}.
system_update_7004 modules/system/system.install Remove hardcoded numeric deltas from all blocks in core.
system_update_7005 modules/system/system.install Remove throttle columns and variables.
system_update_7006 modules/system/system.install Registry tables and drop the file key of the menu router, since it is no
longer needed.
system_update_7007 modules/system/system.install Convert to new method of storing permissions.
system_update_7008 modules/system/system.install Use the poll_choice primary key to record votes in poll_votes rather than
the choice order. Rename chorder to weight.
system_update_7009 modules/system/system.install Rename the variables for primary and secondary links.
system_update_7010 modules/system/system.install Moved to system_update_6048().
system_update_7011 modules/system/system.install Split the 'bypass node access' permission from 'administer nodes'.
system_update_7012 modules/system/system.install Rename {blocks} table to {block}, {blocks_roles} to {block_role} and
{boxes} to {box}.
system_update_7013 modules/system/system.install Convert default time zone offset to default time zone name.
system_update_7014 modules/system/system.install Drop the bootstrap column from the {system} table. This was reverted.
system_update_7015 modules/system/system.install Change the user logout path.
system_update_7016 modules/system/system.install Remove custom datatype *_unsigned in PostgreSQL.
system_update_7017 modules/system/system.install Change the theme setting 'toggle_node_info' into a per content type variable.
system_update_7018 modules/system/system.install Shorten the {system}.type column and modify indexes.
system_update_7020 modules/system/system.install Enable field module.
system_update_7021 modules/system/system.install Add new blocks to new regions, migrate custom variables to blocks.
system_update_7022 modules/system/system.install Add the queue tables.
system_update_7023 modules/system/system.install Change the PHP for settings permission.
system_update_7024 modules/system/system.install Add the substr_index() function to PostgreSQL.
system_update_7025 modules/system/system.install Improve indexes on the {url_alias} table.
system_update_7026 modules/system/system.install Increase permitted length of url aliases to 255 characters.
system_update_7027 modules/system/system.install Enable field type modules.
system_update_7028 modules/system/system.install Rename taxonomy tables.
system_update_7029 modules/system/system.install Add new 'view own unpublished content' permission for authenticated users.
Preserves legacy behavior from Drupal 6.x.
system_update_7030 modules/system/system.install Moved to comment_update_7011().
system_update_7031 modules/system/system.install Removed in favour of Drupal 6 backport.
See also
system_update_7032 modules/system/system.install Alter field hostname to identifier in the {flood} table.
system_update_7033 modules/system/system.install Move CACHE_AGGRESSIVE to CACHE_NORMAL.
system_update_7034 modules/system/system.install Migrate the file_downloads setting and create the new {file} table.
system_update_7035 modules/system/system.install Migrate upload module files to the new {file} table.
system_update_7036 modules/system/system.install Split the 'access site in maintenance mode' permission from 'administer site configuration'.
system_update_7037 modules/system/system.install Rename {box} table to {block_custom}.
system_update_7038 modules/system/system.install Rename action description to label.
system_update_7039 modules/system/system.install Adds fields to the {menu_router} table to allow custom themes to be set per
system_update_7040 modules/system/system.install Create new date format tables.
system_update_7041 modules/system/system.install Adds 'delivery_callback' field to the {menu_router} table to allow a custom
function to be used for final page rendering and sending to browser.
system_update_7042 modules/system/system.install Rename dst and src to source and alias.
system_update_7043 modules/system/system.install Add a 'context' field to {menu_router} to control contextual placement of local tasks.
system_update_7044 modules/system/system.install Drop the actions_aid table.
system_update_7045 modules/system/system.install Add expiration field to the {flood} table.
system_update_7046 modules/system/system.install Switch from the Minnelli theme if it is the default or admin theme.
system_update_7047 modules/system/system.install Normalize the front page path variable.
system_update_7048 modules/system/system.install Convert path languages from the empty string to LANGUAGE_NONE.
system_update_7049 modules/system/system.install Rename 'Default' profile to 'Standard.'
system_update_7050 modules/system/system.install Change {batch}.id column from serial to regular int.
tracker_update_7000 modules/tracker/tracker.install Create new tracker_node and tracker_user tables.