OpenSource Camp 联合技术交流活动(北京2009)


Open Source Camp is ad-hoc and unconference event that brings together open source developer, Geek , entrepreneurs, academics, venture capitalists, and technology influencer, tech media for an intense user-created conference about open source, emerging technology topics. It's organized by the community, for the community. The event combines,sharing,learning,networking, and fun. Participants, who are experts and innovators in their fields, are also the presenters. The goal is to boost open source community and innovation around the world.

This year is special because we bring together Apache Barcamp and Eclipse DemoCamp at the same time and same place, it's real communites collaboration and meetup.


About Apache Barcamp: Barcamp Apache is a free dynamics get-together open to the public. Like other unconferences, the schedule will be determined by the participants.

About Eclipse DemoCamp : The format of a DemoCamp is pretty informal. The idea is for a group of Eclipse enthusiasts to meet up and demo what they are doing with Eclipse. The demos can be of research projects, Eclipse open source projects, applications based on Eclipse, commercial products using Eclipse or whatever you think might be of interest to the attendees. The only stipulation is that it must be Eclipse related. Join EclipseDemo Camp, Click Here

时间: 2009.11.28, 9:00am --- 6:30pm

地点: Intel China Research Center 8F Raycom Infotech Park A No. 2 Kexueyuan South Road Haidian District 北京市海淀区科学院南路2号融科资讯中心A座8层 Intel中国研究中心

如何到到:地图 Subway Line 10 at ZhiChunLi (知春里) Station, Then Go North West Direction. Or you can go directly to ZhongGuanCun 1 Street (中关村一街), It's on the south side of the forth cycle main road.

会议注册: 我们将为注册人员提供免费午餐(100名)



Intalio|Works: the engine for Enterprise Open Source

Nicolas Modrzyk | Intalio: Nicolas Modrzyk has been living in Japan for 5 years, and joined Intalio 2 years after a very impressive talk in Tokyo by Ismael on BPMS.

He is now multitasking between, developing the Human Workflow side of Intalio’s BPMS, integrating new features for Intalio Cloud and supporting zillions of customers going into fruitful business. He has been involved with many Open Source software development for the last 8 years, in the fields of Content Management, database clustering, ETL, workflow engines, and application servers.He holds a Master in Computer Science/Network from France, and another in Web Security from Dublin City University.

IBM Open Principles and Practices

Dr Tian Zhong | IBM

Dr. Zhong TIAN is IBM Senior Technical Staff Member responsible for IBM standards in China and IBM Software Group’s emerging SOA standards in manufacturing. Dr. TIAN is focusing on the evangelism, promotion and development of open standards. In Dr. TIAN’s 14 year tenure with IBM, he has experiences on technology research and development, strategy, architecture, pre-sale support, and people management etc.

Dr. TIAN got his PhD from the Computer Science Department of Fudan University in 1995, majoring software engineering. Dr. TIAN joined IBM China Research Lab in 1995 and moved to IBM China Development Lab in 2006. His research interests include digital library, B2B eCommerce, business process integration, service discovery and design patterns in SOA. He led the research, development, deployment and management in developing advanced solutions for manufacturing, supply chain management, banking and telecommunication industries.

Building a Winning Strategy for an Open Source Company

Mikko Puhakka | Investor of MYSQL

Mikko is founder of Holtron Ventures First investor in MySQL (2001), exited to SUN for USD 1 billion. in 2008 Open Source researcher at Helsinki University of Technology since 2004 Advisor to COSS, Finnish Center for Open Source Solutions since 2005 Well known thought leader in Open Source, having given speeches and organizing network events in China, Europe, Africa and USA Advisor of Open Source companies in Europe, USA and China.

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